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  • What is a Mill Liner Handler?

    Mill Liner Handlers are machines with manually operated hydraulic controls used to remove and insert liners in grinding mills, often in hard rock regions. Mill Liner Handlers can be used in grinding mills that are large ball or rod mills, semi autogenous or autogenous, and mills with limited access. Mill Liner Handlers make the relining process more efficient for any kind of grinding mill.

    Before the Mill Liner Handler, the grinding mill relining process was often labor intensive, time consuming, and dangerous task. Personnel used to resort to time consuming and dangerous methods for removing and inserting replacement liners. Some of these methods were overhead cranes, chains/pulleys, or vehicle mounted cranes. From this, a solution was developed for personnel to remove liners faster and safer with the Mill Liner Handler.

    Streamline the Relining Process with PaR Mill Liner Handlers

    At PaR, we offer a range of mill liner handlers to fit your specific requirements and application. Each is built with features that enhance the relining process, making it faster, easier, and safer:

    Reline faster and easier:

    • Our mill liner handlers are delivered on-time, in less than 12 months.
    • PaR handlers are delivered fully assembled and operational: position it to the mill trunion opening the day it arrives.
    • The knuckled boom and its 360-degree rotation means you can reline both sides of the mill without repositioning.
    • Solid rubber tires, with four-wheel drive, provide traction for maneuvering around obstructions.
    • Boom and grapple provide exact positioning of liners against the mill.
    • Hydraulic controls are manually operated with variable speed.
    • For more ease, we offer optional radio control.

    Mill liner handlers, designed for safety:

    • Outside and inside supports add to structural rigidity and boom control.
    • Fault protectors on the control circuits keep workers safe.
    • Load-supporting hydraulics are fitted with check valves to lock motion in the event of a line break.

    Interested in learning more about PaR's Mill Liner Handlers? Please watch our videos to watch our systems at work or contact us to discuss your needs.


Mill Liner Handler - Product Information

Accessory Products

Bolt Busters

When it's time to remove your bolts from the mill, we can provide bolt busters to avoid the manual process.

Feed Chute Carts

Feed Chute Transfer Cart includes:

  • Hydraulic Power Unit; including pump, reservoir, filters, sight gauge, pressure gauge, magnetic drain plug, and necessary piping, hoses, and fittings.
  • Control System; including manual hydraulic proportional control valves, power control center and emergency off pendant station.
  • U-Shaped steel cart with polyurethane wheels.
  • Custom designed to meet customer specifications.


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