Adaptive Manufacturing

The Challenge before Adaptive Manufacturing

Using composites for aircraft components presents opportunities for new ways to process parts. However, composites come with unique challenges such as impacting the ability to produce accurate parts and high part diversity even within a family of parts. Traditionally, parts have been trimmed only while clamped in rigid tools to secure nominal shape. This results in significant investment in tooling, design, production, maintenance, storage and handling.

Adaptive Manufacturing Solution and Benefits

As an alternative, PaR Systems has developed the Adaptive Manufacturing System that incorporates a Robotic Fixture, a Precision Motion Machine and an Integrated Process Head. The Robotic Fixture allows the entire family of parts to be managed with one fixture that remains within the machine footprint.

  • Cost Effective: 1 fixture for more than 400 parts.
  • High Productivity: The fixture can quickly change to
    accommodate over 400 parts. Time to change between parts
    is less than 1 minute.
  • Inspection: Laser scanner provides 100% fast and accurate
    inspection while the part is in the cell.

The Right Solution for You

If you are looking for a more flexible way to manufacture your aerospace parts, PaR Systems can develop a solution tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to talk to one of our engineers on how this system can make your manufacturing processes more efficient and cost effective.

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