Automated Aircraft Painting System

Automated Aircraft Painting System

PaR's Automated Aircraft Painting System is designed to accommodate painting of commercial aircraft, as an alternative to manual painting. The three robot system is fully automated to eliminate human presence in the paint hangar during operation.

Fully C1D1 compliant each of these deploys a standard commercial paint robot and paint delivery equipment. The automated system allows operating the paint hangar at lower air refresh rates and provides more uniform coating thickness as compared to manual operations.


PaR's TensileTruss™ is a proven, large volume motion system. This unique design provides travel to reach from the floor to the top of the fuselage and from nose to tail to provide fully coordinated smooth motion of the paint head virtually anywhere on the aircraft.

The Right System for You

If you want to improve your painting operations and reduce your environmental control system operating costs, PaR Systems can configure an Automated Painting System, to fit your facility and suit your production needs. PaR integrates our proven TensileTruss™, commercial robots and paint systems to provide you with the lowest risk solutions to optimize your operations. Give us a call to learn more today.

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