Automated Sealant Dispensing System

Automated Sealant Dispensing System

PaR has integrated our Adaptive Manufacturing capabilities with automated sealant capabilities, proven in the Automotive Industry, to bring all the benefits of automated the sealant process to Aerospace applications.

Whether configured as a single robot, or multiple collaborative robots, PaR's Automated Sealant Dispensing Systems provides active seam tracking, integrated process control, and quality verification. Complete systems include: robots, process end effectors, and cartridges management systems.

Adaptive Manufacturing

It is well known that the uncertainty associated with many aerospace assemblies is greater than the required process precision. PaR has developed our Adaptive Manufacturing capabilities to locate and measure these uncertainties and make path corrections to accommodate them. Our system actively tracks the seam during sealant application to ensure sealant is deposited in the correct location. This eliminates costly fixturing and the effects of temperature fluctuations. Lastly, it can find differences in fasteners.

The Right System for You

If you're looking to automate your manual sealant process, PaR Systems can develop a system that is more efficient, more accurate and more cost effective. PaR integrates proven Adaptive Manufacturing and flexible sealant design to provide you with the lowest risk solution to optimize your operations.


PaR is capable of assisting you with a variety of process benefits including:

  • Highly Reliable - 24/7 Operation
  • Easy to Operate
  • Fast Set-up
  • Quality Reporting
  • High Repeatability
  • Process Monitoring Control

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