Cleaning and Coating Removal

  • Cleaning

    PaR's Laser Center of Excellence produces Transversely-Excited Atmospheric-Pressure (TEA) CO2 lasers. These high performance lasers are integrated with PaR’s automation expertise to develop systems to address your cleaning and coating removal needs, including: fully automated laser cleaning systems based upon sdilasersTM Work Horse (WH) series of lasers and Transversely-Excited Atmospheric-Pressure (TEA) CO2 lasers. Laser cleaning requires no blast media, no chemicals, and no manual exertion. Energy management allows selective stripping of just the topcoat of paints, leaving the primer intact.



Our systems are proven dependable in real production operations, but should you need help, our certified service personnel are available 24-hours a day, every day of the year. Need assistance? Please contact us for support.

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