Tensile Hoist

  • When lift stability is your challenge, PaR's TensileTruss technology is the answer.

    Developed as an answer to a lift challenge in an extreme hazardous environment, our TensileTruss technology was deployed for the solution in the Chernobyl nuclear clean-up project, and promises to be a successful cross-over technology in marine and other market segments.

    The TensileTruss technology triangulates wire ropes to raise and lower an attached mechanism. The hoists precisely control tension on each wire so each can sustain significant horizontal loads and torque generated by outside sources. Here are just a few of the benefits you can gain by using TensileTruss technology:

    • Stabilizes the boat in the longitudinal and transverse directions.
    • Offers maximum stability when hoisted to the stowed position to ensure that the boat or object clears the deck opening without damage.
    • Rotational stability is accomplished using the dual point lift versus single point.

    To learn how to benefit from TensileTruss technology on your next marine project, contact PaR today.

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