Marine Systems Technology Delivered Li-Ion Battery Lockers for Installation on Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers

Marine Systems Technology Delivered Li-Ion Battery Lockers for Installation on Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers

These Systems will Incorporate MST’s COMFIRE® Fireproof Composite Technology.

Marine Systems Technology Ltd. (MST), a subsidiary of PaR Systems, Inc., has delivered Lithium-Ion Battery Charging and Storage Systems to Rosyth Naval Shipyard in Scotland for Installation on the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers.  The cabinets will provide both charging and storage facility for different Lithium-Ion Batteries used aboard ship. The charging and storage system incorporates COMFIRE®, the most advanced fireproof composite technology available.  COMFIRE® is non-combustible, lightweight, stable in a wet environment, and structurally robust which makes it ideal for demanding marine applications.  These systems were designed to provide both a passive and active fire protection solution for mission-critical lithium-ion batteries employed aboard ship.  

There are 7 units of the Lithium-Ion Battery Charging and Storage Cabinet Systems per aircraft carrier. The first set of storage cabinet systems were delivered in December 2015 for installation on the HMS Queen Elizabeth. The second set were delivered in February 2016 for installation on the HMS Prince of Wales.

The Lithium-Ion Battery Charging and Storage Cabinet Systems are certified to provide 75 minutes of fire protection for the batteries in the event of a temperature excursion.  The design also includes provisions for continuous ventilation and access for real time monitoring of the battery conditions (temperature, smoke detection, and charge level) during normal operational conditions.

Daren Pietsch, President of PaR’s Marine Division, commented, “We are very excited about this new application. Once again COMFIRE® has provided exceptional performance where other systems have failed.  Considering how prevalent lithium-ion batteries have become, it isn’t difficult to recognize the potential for this unique and safe solution.”

MST also offers many additional COMFIRE® products and systems that include: A60 Bulkhead Panels, B15, B30, A0, A30, and A60 door systems (including Water and/or Gas Tight), A60 Blast doors, gas turbine and engine acoustic/fireproof enclosures, and furniture. Specialized applications using this same technology provides benefits into many high temperature applications for Hydrocarbon and N levels of fire protection as well.

PaR Systems, a portfolio company of MML Capital Partners (, is a world leader in providing manufacturing solutions for critical material handling and automation applications to improve customer quality, safety, and productivity. Since 1961, PaR has created intelligent solutions for a broad range of industries including aerospace, marine, hazardous environments, heavy material handling, industrial, and life sciences. PaR Systems is headquartered in Minnesota, with global engineering and manufacturing centers of excellence. For more information on PaR Systems, visit


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