Hazardous Environments

  • PaR Hazardous Environments Services

    In the last 50 years, PaR has delivered more than 270 solutions to our valued clients in the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, and across the world. Our systems have been utilized in a wide variety of highly specialized environments, including:

    • Radioactive Areas (from low to high level)
    • Caustic Environments (where we've addressed process & decontamination)
    • Explosive Particulate and Gases
    • Underwater
    • Elevated Temperature

    Not only are PaR robotic systems critical components of the US chemical and conventional munitions demilitarization programs, our telerobotic and power manipulator systems enable national laboratory and decommissioning sites worldwide meet the unique challenges associated with operations in hazardous environments.

    If you're looking for specialized experience you can trust, look to PaR.

Project Types

New Facility Systems - PaR delivers remote handling and crane systems to national laboratories and environmental sites, system integrators, constructors, and engineering firms for new projects. We design, engineer, and manufacture systems per your specifications for your new facility and process.

Retrofit Systems - As your process needs change, harness PaR's extensive expertise to retrofit your remote handling, robotic, and crane systems.

Repair, Upgrade, or Modify - PaR's engineering and field service departments' work closely together to provide customers with needed repairs or system upgrades and modifications required to improve reliability, incorporate new technology, or enhance system capabilities.

Preliminary Engineering and Walk Down - PaR engineering and field service is on-site to evaluate your damaged or obsolete system replacement.

Project types and services.

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