DC Control Upgrades


Do you have a crane with old DC controls? PaR Systems has expertise in upgrading your crane's DC drives to modern controls. This method of modernizing your crane has many benefits including improving overall performance, lowering necessary crane maintenance and operational costs, and many more.

Why Modernize Your DC Controls?

Overhead cranes in industry are the critical material handling systems used by businesses to manufacture, position, locate, and/or transport their products within their facilities. As businesses grow so due their production demands and their equipment availability and reliably needs. This same demand can apply to the material handling capabilities of their in-house overhead electric cranes.

Aging overhead cranes built with dated DC control drive technologies may not be able to meet these increasing business performance requirements. Whether this is a result of excessive equipment repair down time, maintenance down time, or simply from the crane's own operational performance inefficiencies, these are often the primary drivers when considering whether it is time to modernize your crane's obsolescent DC controls. While the vast majority of new cranes manufactured today utilize AC drive technology, significant reasons still exist to modernize your crane with today's state of the art DC drive controls.

Benefits of Modernizing Your Crane's DC Drives

  • Cost-savings of as much as 6x what a full AC controls conversion would cost
  • Option to keep your existing crane control system components:
    (vs. a replacement of these with a controls conversion upgrade to AC)
    • Motors
    • Gearboxes
    • Brakes
    • Speed feedback devices
    • Control panels
    • Crane wiring scheme
  • Significantly less engineering and installation labor costs needed
  • Time and ease of install
  • Performance
    • Improvement to the drive's responsiveness
    • Improve the operator's ability to precisely control the load
    • Enhanced safety features
    • Compatible with most existing control devices (pendent, radio control remote, cab master switch)
    • No need to re-train operators on controls operation
  • Availability & reliability
  • Immediate and available spares available
  • On-call tech drive support and maintenance personnel
  • Will fit within the framework and enclosure of your existing system
  • Conserves energy and reduces power costs
  • One of the most environmentally friendly upgrade options available today

Key Features

  • Torque Monitoring
  • Fast Stop and Slow Speed Functions
  • Torque Proving
  • Power Optimization
  • Load Sharing and Speed Matching
  • Adaptive programming for custom applications
  • Optional add-on: Anti-sway

Key Crane Markets

  • Portal
  • Lumber
  • Steel
  • Shipyard
  • Pulp/paper
  • Nuclear
  • Aerospace
  • Gas Turbine
  • Hydro-electric
  • Mining

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