Special Cranes

When a normal crane doesn't fit your needs, PaR Systems can draw from a wide range of prior experience with unusual constructions to provide a practical alternative.

In some cases our special systems may not be recognized as cranes, even by others in the industry. When your application requires:

  • a very long lift
  • high capacity
  • high speed
  • extra safety
  • reach into corners of a structure
  • any feature that is not available "from a catalog"

PaR Systems can help. In fact, it's common for our competitors to refer their customers to PaR when a standard, pre-engineered crane does not fit their requirements.


The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident that occurred on April 26, 1986 destroyed Unit 4. After the accident site stabilized, it became apparent that sequestration of the damaged reactor was necessary to minimize long term radiological impact on personnel and the environment.

Our solution includes:

  • Two crane bridges 96m (315ft) will have six runways, top running, under hung design.
  • One classic carriage hoist 50 ton capacity
  • One secure hoist 40 ton capacity
  • One mobile tool platform with 6 hoists operating simultaneously
  • Runway rails and conductor bars
  • Control and camera system
  • On site erection supervision

Manufacturing began in 2013 and the system will deploy in 2014.

IP2 Cask

The IP2 Cask is an example of a NOG-1 single-failure proof crane. It includes:

  • 110-ton capacity X-SAM® single failure proof 
  • Telescoping legs raise 5m 
  • Cantilever unfolds to allow fuel machine access 
  • Transfers canister from cask to concrete cask 
  • Minimum building modification 
  • Seismically designed 

For critical lifts and no loss of load missions of many descriptions, PaR Systems can develop a solution.


In early 2007, PaR Systems delivered the largest crane on record: a 5304-ton capacity gantry crane to help build the Olmsted Dam in Illinois USA.

Its specifications:

  • 5304 Ton capacity
  • 42.68m (140 ft) span
  • 30.48m (100 ft) clear height
  • 51.2m (168 ft) tall
  • Weighs 2000 Tons
  • Travel at 6.1m (20 ft) per minute
  • Travel at 3.05m (10 ft) per minute loaded

The Mobile Gantry Crane is being used to lift and carry large precast concrete shells that will be set in the Ohio River as part of the construction of the Olmsted Dam.


Built for the specific purpose of lifting and placing boosters around the bottom of a Delta or Atlas rocket, the Torus crane's unique features include:

  • A circular runway with a hinged door
  • 35-ton X-SAM hook
  • A 110 degree hinged door so the front of the Torus can open, allowing the tower to drive away from the rocket

The Torus was used at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

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