Transporter Cranes

In addition to designing and supplying cranes with hoists, PaR Systems has a long history of supplying equipment that simply moves heavy loads with limited lift capability. Often this equipment is equipped with steel wheels for running on steel rails, but we have also provided pneumatic tires, rubber and polyurethane wheels, track assemblies and rollers.

Capacities range from several tons for trolley carts (normally provided for radiation environments, high-temperature kiln cars) to thousands of tons.

Safe Co. Field

PaR Systems supplied the Ederer product travel machinery for the Seattle Mariners' Safeco Field retractable roof.

PaR designed, manufactured, and installed the Ederer product travel machinery for the roofs system, which weighs 12,000 tons. The roof moves using 96 - 10 HP electric motors using an automated, sequenced controls system.


P.I. Cask

Northern States Power Prairie Island Fuel Cask Transporter
- 122 Ton Spent Fuel Transporter
- Towed/Steered from either end
- Wide/Narrow Mode for Cask Load
- Unloaded by 180º rear tire swivel


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