Motion Control

No two pieces of automation are created equal!

OakRiver Technology's wide-variety of motion control expertise helps ensure that the optimal technical approach is taken for your process. Our Applications Engineering team works closely with you to understand the critical elements of your product and related manufacturing processes to provide honest, well-informed automation recommendations to align with your operational and business goals. This upfront collaboration has proven to result in the optimal amount of automation, as well as the type of motion control, for your project.

From manual to fully automated... and everything in between

Applying the right amount of automation to your specific application is critical to achieving your goals. In low-volume applications with straightforward processes, a manual approach with a robust set of easy-to-use tooling may be appropriate. On the other hand, high-volume applications with intricate processes and a stringent level of quality control require a more automated approach; this may include semi-automated stations or a fully automated continuous flow system. OakRiver utilizes our experience to provide you with an objective recommendation on the level of automation for your application. 

Robotics and precision servo motion control are hallmarks of OakRiver Technology's automation expertise

We have integrated hundreds of robots, including a variety of robotic platforms (e.g. Cartesian, SCARA, delta-style, six-axis) from several leading robotic suppliers. As part of our complete automation solution, we often design process-specific end effectors and tooling, or integrate vision for guided motion and/or inspection capabilities. Robots provide a combination of flexibility, accuracy, precision and footprint that fit many applications involving material handling, assembly and processing.

Although robotic platforms, including collaborative robots, do provide unique versatility in an all-in-one package, they are not the best fit for every application. There's a wide-variety of other approaches to managing materials within an automation system; here are some of the more common technologies that OakRiver has utilized:

  • Pneumatics: cylinders from <100 grams to 15,000 lbf for high-pressure clamping, swaging, and cutting/punching
  • Rotary and linear motion: servo motors, stepper motors, linear motors, electric actuators; sub 1 second capabilities; servo die presses up to 100,000 lbf; torque/screw driving
  • Vision-guided robotics & motion: multi-axis coordinated servo motion systems with placement accuracies below 0.0001"; 2D & 3D vision; conveyor tracking
  • Material handling: dial plates, feeder bowls, conveyors, carousel-style indexers, flex feeders
  • Miniature parts handling: for singulation and processing of small, or difficult to handle, parts with feature sizes below 0.010"
  • Web handling and winding: precision/fine, low tension (below 2 oz, below 1 PLI), specialty materials, non-woven, lithium, papers, poly, film; roll widths from 60" to under 1" and wire diameters down to 0.003"
  • Hydraulics: air over oil, clamping/stamping dies in the 200 – 10,000 lbf range
  • Fluid handling: coating solutions, sanitizing and sterilizing solutions, drug compounds, powder and slurry mixing, electroplating
  • Test tube handling: Labeler and Capper systems for automated lab testing

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