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The Premier Anchor Windlass System

PaR Marine provides state-of-the-art deck machinery for Navy ships, including the Jered electric anchor windlass. This anchor windlass is a modular design that requires only a voltage flange and brake wheel foundation deck. As the first permanent magnet motor anchor windlass selected for U.S. Navy vessels, the product reduces installation costs, weight, maintenance, and manning.

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Modular drop in unit for fast and easy installation
  • Requires only normal ventilation
  • Saves weight and space when compared with similar capacity hydraulic units
  • Lower maintenance than hydraulic windlass
  • Band brake is set and wildcat is declutched for independent capstan operations

Additional Features:

An optional capstan head can be located above the wildcat and be operated independently via the wildcat clutch. The capstan design can handle a tow up to 300,000 lbs while a brushless permanent magnet motor (directly coupled to a gear reducer) drives the anchor windlass. Above and below brake control stations are provided.

The unit has a PLC driven digital chain counter system with a display at the deck control station. The control station is equipped with variable speed joystick and all the necessary lights and push buttons for safe operational control.

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