Gantries and Pedestals

Boosting the Versatility and Cost Efficiency of Your

Palletizing OperationThe immediate appeal of a gantry robot is that it can be precisely configured to fit any new or existing palletizing operation.

The robust framework of a gantry robot takes up far less space than pedestal-mounted six-axis robots. Moreover, a gantry robot can carry heavy payloads over much greater distance than pedestal robots, enabling it to efficiently pick from dozens or even hundreds of SKUs. This extensive reach might also allow you to scale back your conveyance systems, providing even greater cost efficiencies. You can even configure two gantry robots in parallel, delivering an unmatched work envelope and superior SKU reach to your palletizing operations.

Palletizing gantry robots can integrate with your existing warehouse automation systems, and utilize an array of end effectors to pick and place product containers of every type, including boxes, crates, cases, and bins.

Advantages to a Gantry Robot Verses a Pedestal Robot

  • ACCURACY – Gantry robots make precise linear movements defined in three axes and are the world’s most accurate robot systems.
  • ACCELERATION - Gantry robots can accelerate at 5 m/s, just as fast as 6-axis robots
  • CARRY DISTANCE – Gantry robots can carry payloads over a much greater distance than can 6-axis robots, which are typically pre-designed to a given reach limit.
  • FLOOR SPACE – Gantry robots are supported by a framework that takes up much less floor space than do pedestal-mounted 6-axis robots serving the same work area.
  • PRECISE PLACEMENT OF HEAVY LOADS – Unlike 6-axis robots that bear loads on an extended arm, gantry systems bear loads on their framework and fixed bearings, which maintains accuracy as payload weight or distance increases. As a result, gantry robots can more accurately place heavy loads (150+ pounds).
  • LOAD RATING – 6-axis robots have a defined maximum load capacity, but the actual full-speed operation of the robot is often limited to less than ½ the max load.
  • ACCURACY FLEXIBILITY – Unlike 6-axis robots, which come with a defined accuracy level at the time of purchase, gantry robots can be reconfigured to varying to levels of accuracy by changing the actuator or drive.
  • LARGER WORK AREA – Gantry systems can operate over a much larger, work area than can a collection of pedestal robots of equivalent cost.
  • FLEXIBILITY – Two gantry robots can operate in parallel to provide superior flexibility and speed in pick-and-place operations.
  • END EFFECTORS – Gantry robots can utilize many end effectors to pick-and-place products and containers of every shape and size, including boxes, crates, cases, bins.
  • PICKING STATIONS – A gantry robot can access far more picking stations than a 6-axis robot, enabling them to pick from dozens or hundreds of SKUs
  • REDUCED CONVEYANCE SYSTEMS – Because of their large work envelopes and superior reach, gantry operations require less conveyance systems than do fixed pedestal-mounted 6-axis robots.

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