Automated Retail Solution

Meet CHLOE®, the Automated Retail Solution

PaR Systems has partnered with the consumer electronics retailer, Best Buy®, to provide an innovative Automated Retail Solution Product that acts as a storage and retrieval system of over 15,000 entertainment products and tech accessories retrievable in under a minute. This system holds items such as DVDs, CDs, ear buds, video games and other tech accessories in a compact 350 square feet (32.5 square meters).

Advantages and Benefits to an Automated Retail Solution

This system comes with many advantages for the retailer as well as the customer:

  • The Automated Retail Solution houses about 15,000 items vertically and has freed up over 1,000 square feet (92.9 square meters) of store floor space.
  • Customers have access to each item in under a minute to save time searching for the item.
  • Empowers customers to buy products originally under lock and key without assistance of an employee.
  • Freedom to shop 24/7 regardless if the store is closed.
  • Employee's time is freed up to assist customers in other areas of the store where product transactions are more complex.
  • The Automated Retail Solution looks at buying trends, so it is always stocked with the most current and relevant items according to trends for that individual store.

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The Right Retail Automation Product Solution for You

Automation is moving beyond warehouses and into retail stores. Do you want to bring your retail business to the cutting edge of automation? PaR Systems has the product solution for your needs. PaR Systems’ leading retail automation technology brings your retail vision to life.

Best Buy® and CHLOE® are registered trademarks of Best Buy and its affiliated companies.

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