SAFEMOVE™ - Collision Prevention Crane Controls

  • Crane Anti-Collision System with SAFEMOVE™

    PaR Systems' SAFEMOVE™ enhances an operator's ability to make complex moves safely and avoid collisions between payloads and surrounding equipment. Virtual safety zones can be easily configured throughout the workspace, and quickly enabled and disabled.

    SAFEMOVE™ can limit crane motion in multiple regions throughout the workspace. This is accomplished by erecting virtual safety zones that can surround equipment, walk ways, work stations, or other safety-critical regions. Virtual safety zones are specified by using a portable HMI that displays real-time information about the crane and its position in the workplace. Once enabled, SAFEMOVE™ prevents the crane and hook payload from entering into regions surrounded by the configured safety zones.

    SAFEMOVE™ can be used in conjunction with Expert Operator technology. This combination prevents both the crane structure and the crane hook from penetrating a safety wall.

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Crane Anti-Collision System SAFEMOVE™ Benefits


  • Safety - Virtual zones can enclose equipment, product, and personnel to prevent the crane and payload from entering into these regions.
  • Precision At Payload - SAFEMOVE™ can be used in conjunction with EXPERTOPERATOR™ anti-sway technology. This prevents the crane structure and the crane hook from entering safety zones.
  • Personnel - Operators can manipulate payloads more quickly and confidently when safety zones are erected around costly and sensitive equipment.
  • Smooth & Precise Stopping - SAFEMOVE™ does not abruptly stop crane motion when a safety zone is crossed. Instead, SAFEMOVE™ motion control slows, and then stops crane motion before entering the virtual safety zone.

Crane Anti-Collision System SAFEMOVE™ Features

  • Expandable - Many safety zones can be erected in the workspace. They can be enabled and disabled together or in configurable sets.
  • Minimal Hardware - SAFEMOVE™ utilizes crane-mounted laser sensors for position measurement; this eliminates runway-mounted limit switches, simplifies wiring, and enables quick commissioning.
  • CompatibleSAFEMOVE™ is compatible with existing VFDs, radio and tethered pendants with continuous or multi-step functionality.
  • Versatile - Safety zones can enclose arbitrarily shaped regions within the workspace. This means that the safety zones do not have to be aligned with the bridge and trolley travel directions.
  • Modular - SAFEMOVE™ can be used in conjunction with PaR's other crane control technology: EXPERTOPERATOR™, CRANEVISION™ and AUTOMOVE™.

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