Friction Stir Welding

What is Friction Stir Welding?

Friction stir welding (FSW) is a solid-state joining process that uses a rotating, non-consumable tool to generate frictional heat and join materials. This is the optimal joining process for many non-ferrous metals with a low melting temperature and for mixed-metal combinations since the process avoids melting the workpiece material.

  • Advantages of Friction Stir Welding

     Friction stir welding has a number of advantages over other methods of welding:

    • Good mechanical properties in the as-welded condition
    • Improved safety due to the absence of toxic fumes or spatter of molten material
    • No consumables (no filler gas shield)
    • Process is easily automated
    • Lower set up costs
    • Less training
    • Can easily weld joint geometries and complex curvatures
    • Minimal distortion of joined parts due to welding below the melting point
    • Low environmental impact

    I-STIR Technology: Intelligent Stir Welding for Industry and Research

    PaR Systems' I-STIR technology is our solution to friction stir welding (FSW) that utilizes force and motion control combined with our specialized mechanical, electrical, and software technologies.

    I-STIR'S patented friction stir welding equipment produces welds by rotating a non-consumable tool to locally soften a work piece, through heat produced by friction and plastic work, thereby allowing the tool to stir the joint surfaces. FSW has significant strength, quality and weight advantages over conventional joining techniques because it welds just below the melting point.

    Why I-STIR?

    PaR Systems has a proven track-record (the largest installed base of friction stir welding systems of any provider) and expertise you need to provide an intelligent friction stir welding solution for your purposes. 

    Our experience, technical capabilities, and commitment to innovation and improvement have made our I-STIR technology the premier FSW solution because it benefits you in some very specific ways:

Process Knowledge

  • Our Process Knowledge allows us to deliver turnkey systems including fixturing and tooling.
  • Engineers with significant experience in friction stir welding process development and in bringing stir welding systems “on-line” for production, especially for the aerospace environment.
  • Hands-on, in-house development work.
  • View a video example of our process technology at work.

Custom Integration of Proven Technology

  • Multi-degrees of freedom systems utilizing gantry or robotic type manipulator systems.
  • Our systems incorporate independent forge and/or pin actuators with five or more degrees of freedom.
  • Integration of CAD/CAM packages make the creation of weld schedules an efficient and reliable process.
  • Controlling and monitoring process parameters for statistical process control. I-STIR technology can achieve six sigma quality (zero defects) with the potential to minimize or eliminate post-weld inspection.
  • Developing a family of standard products while continuing to provide custom solutions for an increasing number of complex applications. 

No other manufacturer of FSW equipment is as actively involved with the FSW community as PaR. This level of collaboration with the equipment manufacturer and the FSW community is necessary to remain at the forefront of this technology and provide the best solutions for our clients.

Leaders in Innovation

  • Highly evolved control system fully supports all 3 modes of FSW (i.e., fixed-pin, adjustable-pin, and self-reacting).
  • Licensing and teaming efforts with industry, government, and academia.
  • A co-exclusive license agreement to commercialize NASA’s Auto-adjustable Pin Tool for Friction Stir Welding patent which is needed for variable thickness applications or ex-hole closure.
  • Patented self-reacting control technology and independent spindle actuator.
  • World-wide support with local field service engineers.
  • Production software to manage weld schedules, real-time execution, and data acquisition and storage.

Green Technology

Friction stir welding is considered a green technology because of its environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. Unlike standard fusion welding, friction stir welding uses virtually no consumables and generates no harmful fumes. This is because the welding process does not require any filler metal or shielding gas, so no harmful emissions are created.

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