AdAPT™ Weldhead - Friction Stir Welding Equipment

I-STIR Friction Stir Welding (FSW) systems utilize state-of-the-art Adaptable Adjustable Pin Tool (AdAPT™) weld head technology to deliver fixed, adjustable and self-reacting welding performance. All I-STIR systems feature advanced controls, instrumentation, and software.

Product/System Uses

AdAPT FSW tooling has innovative pin tool and forge load control technology. It uses a highly accurate, low friction independent forge load actuator and AdAPT weld head technology. It is the first fully instrumented friction stir welding system capable of performing load-controlled welds along multiple axes.

Handling Capacity

  • Produce quality joints in materials from 1mm to over 40mm thick
  • Employ three welding modes (tooling types): fixed pin, adjustable pin and self-reacting
  • Accommodate both linear, complex and non-linear contour weld configurations
  • Switch between welding modes quickly
  • Maintain a controlled forge load

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