Conventional Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing Systems

PaR Systems' world-class ultrasonic capability utilizes pulse echo and phased array pulse echo for wider and faster inspection and thru transmission ultrasonic inspection for contoured and core-filled panels. Our dual bridge gantry systems are capable of supporting very long and wide parts including a bridge system providing 8 axes of coordinated motion to address very large contoured parts. We have been entrusted with the most complex and critical systems for aerospace, space, nuclear and wind power markets.


Types of Conventional Ultrasonic Systems

Through Transmission

Through transmission is performed using two transducers on opposing sides of the part. One acts as a transmitter while the other as a receiver. Through transmission is useful detecting discontinuities that are not good reflectors, or when signal strength is weak.

Pulse Echo

In pulse-echo testing a transducer sends out a pulse of energy and the same, or a second transducer listens for reflected energy. Pulse echo is especially effective when only one side of a part is accessible.

Phased Array Pulse Echo

The main advantages offered by phased array are increased sensitivity, coverage and speed. These advantages are achieved through the ability to rapidly and repeatedly steer, focus and scan the ultrasonic beam electronically.

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