Hybrid Ultrasonic System

PaR introduces a Hybrid Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing solution that retains all the functions of a conventional NDT system, but can do through transmission and pulse echo. This technology is unique to PaR Systems, developed to provide an all in one NDT system. This system uses a conventional water coupled pulser on the generation side, but no couplet on the detection side. This is ideal for parts that can't handle water on one side, such as perforated parts, or for a variety of parts and materials that require different kinds of inspection. 

Hybrid Ultrasonic System


  • Provides non-contact ultrasonic inspection of composite materials in pulse-echo mode
  • Capable of inspecting highly complex-shaped structures in pulse-echo mode
  • Performs pulse-echo and through transmission ultrasonics
  • Highly flexbile, automated system
  • Automatic data backup and archival system
  • System technology scalable from small detail components up to large fuselage skins
  • Intuitive user interface software designed with input from trained UT inspectors


  • No part coupling medium required on detection side
  • Can inspect for crushed core in sandwich structures
  • Only single-sided part access required in pulse-echo mode
  • 10x faster than conventional UT systems on complex contoured composite structures in pulse-echo mode


  • All functionality of LaserUT and conventional UT in one machine for a lower cost
  • Eliminates the need for masking of perforated parts during TTU operation to reduce setup time
  • Reduced floor space requirements to save on capital

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