Radiographic Non-Destructive Testing Systems

PaR Systems provides world class radiographic systems. Our capabilities range from small intricate ceramic components found in research and development applications to examination of critical heavy structural aluminum welds used in space and avaiation. Our inspection systems in conjunction with non-destructive testing techniques have been successful for various components and materials throughout industries such as aerospace, space aviation, wind power, automotive, submarine, nuclear power plants and off-shore oil and gas. These systems have been used in aerospace both before aircraft assembly and as part of an active aircraft. Additionally, our systems can examine critical welds on heavy aluminum structures, which is crucial for space and aviation applications.


Types of Radiography NDT Systems

Backscatter Radiography Pedestal

Backscatter Radiography Gantry

Computed Radiography

Computed Tomography

Conventional Radiography

Digital Radiography

Notable Project

PaR delivered a nine meter diameter circular gantry, polar bridge with dual, five-axis positioners to NASA's Kennedy Space Center to inspect the aft skirt of the shuttle solid rocket boosters. It has a dual source capability of 225 kV and 100 kV including multiple detector configurations.

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