Mini TEA Series Laser

The MINI TEA Laser is the smallest of PaR's Transversely-Excited Atmospheric-Pressure (TEA) CO2 laser product family. The TEA MINI models provide optimal flexibility for the end user by configuring the laser pulse energy selectively controls total output energy. The short optical pulse of this lasers has Typical Full Width Half Maximum (FWHM) values of the laser pulse are between 50ns and 100ns

Key Features

  • 10W power output
  • 100mJ pulse energy
  • Up to 100Hz repetition rate
  • 50ns - 100ns optical pulse
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Local / remote control
  • Corona Pre ionizer
  • Solid State Switch 

Each laser unit houses the laser head, pulse forming network, power supply, and accessories into a single, condensed enclosure. This facilitates effortless transport, installation and operation. Required external interfaces are limited to electrical supply, laser gas, cooling water and vacuum pump.

Fully automated, the laser unit offers advanced features such as an optional arc detection system that protects the laser system from improper discharge conditions. An RS232 interface to facilitate local as well as remote computerized control.

Optional Extras

  • Gas regeneration catalyst
  • Agile wavelength tuner
  • Manual wavelength tuner


  • Material processing
  • Wire stripping
  • Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)
  • THz imaging systems

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