• PaR Systems (Pty) Ltd is a supplier of a unique range of advanced high repetition rate TE CO2 lasers, laser systems, and laser subsystems that have been developed for the industrial market. These lasers were developed using the experienced gained on the development and operation of high energy, high repetition rate, and stable CO2 laser systems for molecular laser isotope separation (MLIS).

    It was in part due to this expertise, which PaR Systems (Pty) Ltd decided to concentrate on niche markets that require TE CO2 lasers.

    Compared to other laser systems currently in use, our laser products and subsystems offer several benefits and advantages, in the following industry applications:

    • CO2 laser for non-destructive testing (NDT)
    • CO2 lasers for paint stripping of composite and other surfaces
    • CO2 lasers for annealing
    • CO2 laser for Wire stripping
    • CO2 laser for LIDAR
    • CO2 laser for EUV generation
    • CO2 laser for High energy physics
    • CO2 laser for THz imaging

    In addition, since 2006, PaR Systems (Pty) Ltd has embarked on a development program using its own existing laser technology to develop turnkey systems. These include, for example, a laser-based paint stripper for the aerospace industry.

    What is the difference between a CO2 Laser and a Yag Laser?

All these lasers have been designed to exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Closed loop gas operation with internal catalysts
  • Long component lifetime of >10^9 shots for all major components
  • Stable resonator design
  • Good beam quality and pointing stability
  • Low running cost and ease of maintenance

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Since 1961, PaR Systems has led the robotics and automation industry with state of the art, first of their kind solutions. Today, we continue to build on our tradition and look forward to solving your unique challenges. We're available seven days a week, every day of the year. Please contact us to discuss your project. 

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