COMFIRE® Marine Fireproof Technologies

  • Complies with the following test requirements:

    • Oxygen Index: ISO 4589-2
    • Temperature Index: ISO 4589-3
    • Smoke Index: NES 711
    • Toxicity Index: NES 713
    • Non-Combustibility: BS 476 part 4
    • ISO 1182-1990 (E): test for the determination of the combustibility performance –IMO Resolution
    • MSC.61(67): Smoke & Toxicity Test


  • Features and Certifications:

    1. Non-Combustible Standard
    2. Acoustic Barrier
    3. Glass Reinforced
    4. B15/B30
    5. A60/H60/N30
    6. State of Matter Patent

Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Protection

Lithium-Ion Battery Lockers

The Lithium-Ion Battery Charging and Storage Locker was designed to house and store a variety of Lithium-Ion aircraft batteries of various types, sizes, and shapes. Two tests were conducted for this qualification: 75 minutes at an average of 80 kW heat flux, and a further extreme ‘overtest’ for 8 minutes at an average 207 kW heat flux.

The system exceeded expectations at 80 kW and again at 207 kW, which is >250% above the average heat flux the Li-ion battery can generate under ‘Heat Excursion’ conditions. The temperature in the other adjacent compartments only reached 19.5°C (67°F) at the highest point during the first test.  The 2nd ‘overtest’ again revealed excellent thermal properties with the maximum temperature of 33°C (91°F) recorded in adjacent compartments – some 82°C (180°F) below the test acceptance criteria.
The outside of the cabinet was cool to the touch during testing and the system remained fully functional post-test.

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