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Do you thrive on challenging the status quo? Are you looking to be a part of a team who creates cutting-edge technologies and solutions for our customers? If you answered yes, PAR Systems may be the right career move you are looking for.

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As a diversified business with over 60 years of innovation in automation assembly, advanced manufacturing, cranes and nuclear equipment and marine systems (Jered), we are a recognized partner and brand in a variety of industries, including Life Science, Aerospace, Nuclear and Marine.

Job Openings

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We care about our people. We are a medium size organization with benefits that rival what Fortune 100 companies offer. We go beyond the basics to ensure the health and financial well-being of our employees and their families.

Strong Values

Our values are core to who we are. How we get there is as important as what we accomplish. Character: We do what’s right, always. Diversity: Our strength is realized through different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Ambition: We play to win. Clarity: We know where we’re going and how we’ll get there. Anticipation: What’s next?


We are about challenging the status quo every day. We thrive on new ideas and innovation and it shows in our unrivaled technology.

Career Development

Our unrivaled technology in a variety of industries allows employees exponential opportunities to expand and grow their careers.

Community and Giving Back

We support the communities we live and work in. From volunteering opportunities to matching programs, we support employee driven involvement for causes that are important to them.

"I am always learning about and implementing new technologies. I get to play the role of ‘mad-scientist’ by dissecting and reconstructing machines so that they hum. My biggest challenge is intrinsic to what I find enjoyable; complex machines and processes often come with a steep learning curve and new projects frequently require integrating a device that no one else in the company has used before. "
Brett B.
Controls Engineer
"PAR has unparalleled capabilities and is uniquely positioned within the rapidly growing robotics and automation industry. These two attributes make PAR Systems an exciting place to work, and one that continues to yield opportunities to grow professionally."
Fred P.
Project Management Leader