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Support & Service

At PAR Systems, we offer the service, parts, support, and training you need to succeed. Highly trained technical service engineers are available to assist you and are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure your system is up and running round-the-clock.

Contact our Support and Service

PAR Systems Support, Service and Training
+1-866-727-2273 (1-866-PAR-CARE)

PAR Systems Parts
+1-866-727-2273 (1-866-PAR-CARE)

PAR Life Science

Service and support for all OakRiver Technology products, equipment and semiconductor products.
Main: + 1-651-395-5000
Fax: + 1-651-770-8724

SDI Lasers

Design, installation and repair services of CO₂ lasers.
Main: + 27 12 548 0370

Jered Service

Jered Parts
+ 1-912-262-2000 ext. 6231