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Small Parts Precision Handling

At PAR Systems, we leverage decades of experience in the design and implementation of micro parts precision handling systems. We create solutions that are suited to the unique challenges of medical device manufacturing and any other small parts handling applications.

From component feeding, laser processing and ablation, welding, to micro-dispensing, inspection, and assembly, we have designed custom systems that integrate multiple solutions to create holistic, highly precise systems for a variety of small parts manufacturing applications. We excel at applications with extremely small components and high accuracy requirements, such as spheres smaller than 300 microns in diameter placed within 5 microns of positional accuracy.

PAR Capabilities and Applications for Micro Parts Precision Handling

Component Feeding

PAR’s extensive experience using tray, bowl, step, and flex-feeding techniques optimizes the presentation of difficult to handle components in the assembly process. We can create multiple feeding solutions on a single system to handle unique components. In one instance, we were able to use flex feeding and robotic pick-and-place to move 350-micron outer diameter rings into a weld nest.


Learn more about PAR’s component feeding solutions.

Laser Processing and Ablation

Laser processing solutions are one of PAR’s core competencies. We provide a productized approach and deliver highly customized solutions that are designed around your needs. We offer flexible, configurable laser platforms that perform ablation, welding, cutting, and more. Laser ablation for surface treatment applications is often more accurate and faster than traditional treatment methods, making it especially suitable for small parts handling applications. In one case, our systems performed the feeding, ablation, and cutting to length of 20-micron platinum iridium wire.


Learn about PAR’s laser processing solutions.

Forming and Heat Setting

Our methods of mold forming enable precise replication of complex geometries, which ensures consistent quality and dimensional accuracy in the produced components. Our heat setting solutions provide a controlled and uniform heat distribution, which effectively anneals, hardens, or tempers the components. This heat setting control results in improved material properties such as strength and hardness.

The PAR Advantage

Automated tube handling system

Decades of MedTech Experience

For over twenty years, we have designed, implemented, and maintained complex systems for micro parts handling manufacturing. This extensive experience with these particularly challenging applications makes us the best choice to create manufacturing solutions for your needs.

small life science part under microscope view

Specializing in Micro and Precise Manufacturing

We handle specialty use cases: the smaller and more precise, the better. Examples include:


  • Drilling 75-micron OD holes into platinum domes, with systems running at 99% yield
  • Flex-feeding and laser welding of metal brackets with 96 unique SKUs
  • Singulation and processing of wires smaller than a 0.001″ OD (~25 microns)
  • Feeding and welding of than 25 microns in diameter into contact rings
Small Wire life science equipment

Use Case: Micro Part Manufacturing System for Medical Device Company

PAR Systems partnered with a medical device manufacturer to design a solution to lower the cost of production with smart, integrated processing and assembly. Our solution included part feeding, pick and place, cutting and stripping, welding, and performing the inspection of components. These systems were designed to work together from the outset, resulting in a highly efficient solution that was able to perform within 10 microns of repeatability.

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