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Manufacturing System Project Management

PAR System’s Project Management Organization is your partner through all phases of your project—driving execution, efficiency, and risk management.

As a global leader in intelligent manufacturing systems, we have delivered and supported over 3,000 systems in 30+ countries around the world. Our centralized Project Management Organization manages the execution of each of our projects from proof of concept through the design, assembly, testing, installation, and field service phases. We use strong processes, smart tools, and decades of industry experience to run successful projects and deliver quality results.

Managing for scope and schedule with a risk-based approach.

PAR Systems specializes in first-of-a-kind (FOAK) manufacturing systems with complex technologies and unique characteristics. Our project managers are experts at successfully managing critical, high-risk projects.

  • Strong communication
  • Efficient resource utilization
  • Formal project status reporting
  • Risk-based planning
PAR Systems Employees
PAR Systems Employees

Aligning our project management expertise to your needs.

PAR Systems has a proven track record of long-term client relationships. Whenever possible we strategically assign dedicated project managers to manage an entire client’s portfolio for consistency, alignment, and efficiency.

  • Diverse backgrounds
  • Specialized industry experience
  • Multiple program management methodologies
  • Engineering, automation, procurement, and manufacturing acumen

Ensuring quality with quality project management.

PAR uses industry standard project management processes that are scalable to each scope of work. These process have been created based on the principles of the Project Management Institute, industry best practices, and continuous lesson learned implementations.

  • Controlling costs
  • Managing schedules
  • Setting high standards
  • Identifying and mitigating risks

Project Management Process

Real-Time Project Information

Our Project Management Organization uses a project dashboard that gathers all real-time project information in one place providing project clarity and efficiency. We use detailed project KPIs to identify and elevate issues internally based on criteria that has been established for technical challenges, schedule status, project risk, project resources and customer satisfaction.

  • Project financial information
  • Milestone tracking
  • Risk management registries
  • Quality requirements
  • Project task tracking

Dependable Project Communication and Reporting

Our Project teams utilize formal project status reporting on a weekly basis. Our project reporting includes items completed within the last week, items planned for the current week, upcoming activities based on the current project schedule, any changes to the current project schedule, key action items that need to be addressed, risks and opportunities that have been identified along with a schedule.

Customized Methodologies to Fit Client Needs

Agile techniques can provide flexibility and increased communication. Waterfall methodologies can provide clear stage gates and strong discipline. We tailor our processes and approach to fit our clients’ working model and project needs. This frequently means a hybrid approach for greater efficiency and high quality control.

PAR Systems Employees
PAR Systems Employees

Formal Corrective and Preventive Action System

PAR maintains a lessons learned database where lessons learned can be captured and communicated for each of our individual projects. We use a formal corrective and preventative action system that allows us to capture, communicate, and correct any issues that may be identified throughout the project lifecycle. Formal risk management and issue tracking tools are used to ensure that we are keeping the project on track.