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Automated Assembly

Component Feeding

Component feeding is often a core function of assembly automation and one that PAR Systems specialize in. Our automated feeding capabilities include material and parts feeding, web and wire handling, and flex feeding.

PAR’s extensive experience using bowl, step, and flex-feeding techniques optimizes the presentation of difficult to handle components from bulk in the assembly process.

Efficiency starts with automated feeding

The PAR Advantage

Automated component & part feeding experience:

We automate the handling of components from very small precision parts destined for medical devices to very large parts destined for rockets and for many things in between. We also have capability to automate component and part feeding amongst a wide range of materials.

Put cutting-edge technology to work for your operation.

See how our clients have leveraged our commitment to precision.

Beck K.
R&D Manager at Leading Medical Device Company

Our whole team had such a positive experience with you and your company. Your investigation was critical to leading us to the base component.

Beck K.
R&D Manager at Leading Medical Device Company

Material, Part and Flex Feeding

We are experts at custom integration. PAR is willing to take on challenging projects that others may not. Our systems are designed with user-friendly software integration for ease of use. We have years of experience in automated assembly and material feeding backed by decades of engineering expertise on our team.

Labeling machine placing labels on tubes

Web Handling and Winding

We are experts at integrating web handling and winding into automated systems. If your manufacturing processes include web lines, part tracking, steering, or punching, we’ve got you covered. PAR has designed custom automated solutions for powered and/or torque limited unwinds, contact tension control and non-contact for low tension winding.

Canyon Cable Ablation 7 machine

Wire Feeding and Handling

Our capabilities include:

Fine wire handling down to 52 Ga (Ø 0.00078”), Tensioning, Fixturing, Laser Processing, Insulation Ablation, Cutting, Soldering, Welding, Vision Integration, Precision Positioning