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Cutting & Welding

Laser integration is a core competency in PAR Systems’ process automation offerings. We have the experience to support your laser cutting and welding process and can integrate your unique application within a total automation solution.

We consider lasers as a technology or component within a complete solution – like a robot, a precision servo stage, a camera, or any other core element of an automated process. Our customers define the system requirements and we develop a total system to solve the need.

Versatility results in efficiency.

PAR can cut and weld a wide variety of materials from thick to thin, metallic to non-metallic and complex surfaces. We are experts at substrate materials, both metals and non-metals and challenging materials such as silicones. We are familiar with very small product features to very large material features. Our team can also perform in-tool inspections with integrated cameras.

Put cutting-edge technology to work for your operation.

Laser Cutting

Automate your process

PAR’s laser cutting machines automate cutting with high accuracy. Automatic calibration guarantees accurate tool tip motion over the entire part envelope. Our stabilization system is designed to ensure the stability of the component while materials are being cut. PAR’s integrated process head minimizes the distance between the laser and the tool tip, eliminating the need for complex beam delivery and maximizing accessibility for maintenance.

Laser Welding

Integrating multiple technologies.

We integrate a wide variety of capabilities into our laser platforms.  On top of many different laser types, these systems may have vision, galvos, part feeding, fixture handling, conveyors, and more.