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Medical Device Manufacturing Software

PAR Systems has a decades-long track record of creating, integrating and maintaining high quality code that supports efficient, adaptive medical device production.

Automation System Integrator Experts

At PAR Systems, we understand the importance of creating organized, tailored MES integration and data tracking software for our medical device automation equipment. We develop high-quality machine code that integrates into your system and provides traceability and monitoring for your manufacturing process. Our code has followed the PackML standards for over 25 years with a proven track record on over 3,000 machines.

Our Software Capabilities

MES Integration

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software is an integral part of medical device manufacturing, connecting the remote I/O layer (PLC) to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) layer . MES for medical devices helps ensure regulatory compliance and traceability. It can also be programmed to monitor specific production processes and track throughput to maintain efficient production and avoid any potential quality issues. Keeping updated, maintained, and modern MES is integral for real-time data collection, maximum efficiency, and reduced production cost.


PAR’s automation experts deliver custom software solutions that integrate our automation equipment into your system. Our programming standards have remained consistent from 2005 to today—offering proven longevity and dependability.

Critical MES Software Expertise

  • PLC and Related Auxiliary Languages
  • Process and Production Needs
  • Best Practices for Manufacturing and Regulatory Compliance


DataMate is a versatile software designed for monitoring the health and performance of manufacturing processes. The software can be seamlessly installed on the system PC or on a remote laptop or desktop. An intuitive, easy-to-use program, it doesn’t require any PLC programming to provide insights into the health and efficiency of manufacturing systems.


DataMate retrieves all data from the configurable SQL server, and gives you real-time insight into the health and productivity of PAR manufacturing equipment.


Easy Access to Manufacturing Process Data

  • No PLC Programming Required
  • Organized and Standardized Code Across PAR Systems
  • Easy-to-use
  • Out-of-the-box Variable Tracking

Remote Support

We offer remote support for equipment and software concerns. If your machine is down, we can remote into the machine quickly and easily. Limit your down-time, improve your production efficiency with PAR support.

The PAR Advantage

Code Standards

At PAR, we take pride in our code standards and our consistency in providing support to our customers. Our code has followed a universal PackML base structure for 25 years–making it possible for any of our engineers to provide software support for your machine’s entire lifespan.



PAR has over 63 years of experience writing and deploying custom software for our manufacturing customers. In that time, our software has been tested and proven on over 3,000 machines. Rest assured that our software will provide the same performance and reliability for your manufacturing systems.


Proven Longevity

Our expertise and rigorous adherence to our standards is part of why our systems are proven to last. In addition to decades of experience creating custom software, we provide 24/7 remote support and can remote into one of our machines from anywhere in the world. Our programming standards make it simpler for our service team to facilitate getting your production up and running quickly while minimizing downtime.

Our expertise shows in each element we craft.

years of combined experience in automation and over 60 years of project execution
of PAR employees are engineers or technical specialists
customer satisfaction on workmanship

Certified in all the right places.

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