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Nuclear Polar Cranes

For decades, PAR Systems has designed, implemented, and serviced specialty cranes for the nuclear industry. That expertise includes the design and installation of large polar cranes.

Designing Systems that Perform Heavy Lifts with Precision

At PAR, we are experts in lifting and transporting extremely heavy loads to the most stringent compliance standards. We have over 60 years of experience designing and implementing high-performing cranes and equipment for the nuclear industry.

Our expertise shapes the installation of polar cranes for nuclear plants, incorporating multifunctionality that enables them to perform extremely heavy lifts with precision.

What are polar cranes?

Polar cranes are used in nuclear plants for the assembly and disassembly of reactor vessels during refueling operations. These cranes can be used for multiple tasks, and are made up of a main hoist and auxiliary hoist.

They operate on a large circular runway in the containment and/or reactor building. Their multipurpose function combined with their reliable performance make them an ideal choice for nuclear applications, where operating conditions and requirements are incredibly demanding.

Our High-Fidelity and Nuclear Crane Expertise

We are experts in lifting and moving extremely heavy loads to the strictest regulatory compliance standards. PAR has large specialty cranes working on some of the largest and most critical material handling applications in the world. We are a leader in designing, implementing, and maintaining specialty and high-fidelity cranes.

Our experience with specialty cranes for challenging nuclear applications makes us especially suited for the implementation of polar cranes.

For over 60 years, PAR has been solving difficult challenges in the nuclear industry. We engineer intelligent systems that are specifically designed for nuclear applications.

  • Radioactive and caustic environments
  • Decommissioning applications
  • Explosive particulate gasses
  • Underwater applications
  • Critical material handling
  • Extremely large and high-load precision cranes

Polar Crane Features

We customize polar cranes to the needs of each nuclear customer. Here are some highlighted features within nuclear cranes we’ve created:

  • Single failure proof hoist assembly
  • Power rotational hooks
  • Fail-safe operator controls
  • Control upgrades

Additional Nuclear Capabilities

For over 60 years, PAR has been solving difficult challenges in the nuclear industry, providing solutions for radioactive and caustic environments, decommissioning applications, explosive particulate and gases, underwater applications, chemical and conventional munitions demilitarization, and more.

Learn about additional intelligent solutions designed for nuclear applications.

The PAR Advantage

Experience. Innovation. Dependability.
PAR Systems was founded in 1961 as a company servicing advanced solutions for the nuclear industry. Since then, we have only deepened our knowledge of and expertise in designing systems to meet the unique needs and requirements of these challenging, hazardous applications. We specialize in designing large, custom crane systems. That same level of innovation and attention to detail applies to our polar crane systems.

In addition, our worldwide service organization offers dedicated support from a team of local field service engineers. We support our machines for their entire usable life.

Our expertise shows in each element we craft.

years of combined experience in automation and over 60 years of project execution
of PAR employees are engineers or technical specialists
customer satisfaction on workmanship
Rob O.
Commercial Category Leader, Nuclear

“The people. The dialogue. The expertise. PAR has a lot of smart, great people who can do a lot of really amazing things.”

Rob O.
Commercial Category Leader, Nuclear

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