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Advanced Manufacturing

Automated Fastening

PAR Systems is a world leader in automation systems and has developed multiple strategies for automating the fastening process.

PAR’s primary focus is to utilize similar tools that are currently used for manual operations. These tools have proven to be the appropriate size to allow accessibility and achieve a performance level to ensure quality installation.

Advantages of Automated Fastening Systems

PAR integrates proven tools into automated end effectors along with appropriate sensors and intelligence to perform fully automated fastening operations. Depending on accessibility constraints, systems may include multiple cooperative robots or single sided motion systems with C-style end effectors for work along edges.

Automated Fastening systems have a number of benefits including:

  • Significantly reduce man-hours and costs, while improving productivity
  • Solving the many challenges created by variabilities that occur with incoming materials
  • Multi-function processes can be combined in a single work cell to include scanning, prepping and painting to reduce manual operations between processes while maximizing real estate on the manufacturing floor.
  • Optimizing accessibility in confined spaces


PAR’s fastener installation equipment and process allows for tools that can reach into tight areas and around obstructions. We make it possible to install fasteners where other automated fastening system typically cannot.

Why Automated Fastening

Expandable Functionality

By utilizing multiple and interchangeable end effectors, other processes can be incorporated into the same work cell. Processes like hole preparation, pre- and post-fastener installation inspection, and temporary fastener removal can be automated with minimal added equipment.


PAR’s fastener installation end effectors, coupled with our SLM technology,  can accommodate many types of fasteners in varying lengths and diameters.

Fastener Preparation & Handling

By utilizing the SLM, and handling fasteners one at a time, some fastener preparation steps (such as sealant application) can be done in parallel with the installation process.

Jeff L.
Emerson, Principal Technician, Equipment Engineering Group
PAR is a great company all around. From proposal to design to delivery PAR does a great job.
Jeff L.
Emerson, Principal Technician, Equipment Engineering Group

Technical features of our fastening systems