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Spindle Milling & Trimming

PAR Systems’ spindle milling and trimming systems provide fully automated solutions for most of your cutting and trimming needs.

From composite materials to metallic parts, PAR's solutions provide the precision you demand, while maximizing productivity levels. From small components to large wing covers, PAR can provide a system to ensure improved efficiencies in your operations.

Performance & precision in perfect balance

Sometimes conventional spindle trimming is the right solution. Whether trimming entire fuselage barrels or smaller composite panels, PAR can provide the solution with the precision and performance that you need.

Put cutting-edge technology to work for your operation.

Spindle Milling & Trimming

Integrated capabilities.

Our spindle milling and trimming machines feature capabilities such as automatic tool change capabilities, probe systems for part location and machine calibration, integrated vacuum dust collection systems, and inspection capabilities. PAR’s milling and trimming systems perform cutting operations precisely, giving you higher quality cuts and safer operations.

Spindle Milling & Trimming

High-speed cutting.

Spindle milling and trimming machines are an optimal solution for high-speed cutting. Spindle trimming provides precise depth control and they work well in environments with tight access. Spindle milling and trimming is regularly used when there is no access to the back of a part or materials. Spindle trimming is also often used when the material only needs to be removed to a certain depth.

Spindle Milling & Trimming

Customizable and configurable.

PAR Systems’ spindle milling and trimming systems can be fully integrated into your production line operations. PAR’s solutions are highly customizable and configurable to any unique manufacturing specifications.  Our spindle milling and trimming systems can be designed using robotic fixtures of rigid dedicated tools each offering their own advantages depending on the application and environment. Spindle milling and trimming can be used on a variety of materials such as composites, preforms, aluminum, titanium, glass and ceramic.