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Engineering the Right Solution for Each Client

PaR Systems provides material handling, automation technology, and robotic solutions to many diverse industries and specialized markets. Our clients recognize PaR as the solutions provider for driving quality, productivity, and safety in manufacturing and other demanding environments. Learn about our capabilities.

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The Next Era of Automation Is Intelligence

We are entering a new manufacturing era defined by AI, machine learning and vision, enabling us to teach machines to adapt and learn plans and move us toward a true “Lot Size 1” utopia. Automation’s next era will be defined not around volume, but around intelligence.

PaR Systems brings proprietary friction stir welding to high-tech manufacturing

Mission-critical technology increases production speed with higher quality joints, less distortions, fewer emissions; already providing competitive benefits to early adopters.
PaR Systems has been known by its long-term aerospace clients such as NASA, United Launch Alliance (ULA) and many others for its contributions to applications in perhaps the most demanding environment of all: space exploration.

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