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R&D Laboratories for Manufacturing Innovation

PAR Systems investigates and develops new technologies and conducts proof of concept studies within three state-of-the-art research and development laboratories.

Testing First-of-a-Kind Innovations. Reducing Risk. Designing Rapidly.

PAR Systems is a leader in automation and automation engineering. We design first-of-a-kind innovations and apply our leading-edge technology to help customers gain competitive advantages. To continue leading in the areas of technological advancements, we have a 2,000 square foot cleanroom and three laboratories specifically dedicated to research and development within:

  • Robotics
  • Friction Stir Welding
  • Machine Vision Systems

Robotics & Process Development Laboratory

Robotic integration is integral to manufacturing automation. We have deep experience integrating many different types of robots and controls system, and house several robots from a diverse set of robotic brands within the robotics laboratory.

  • FANUC LR-Mate
  • FANUC M710ic-70
  • FANUC R 2000iB-T
  • FANUC M 9001b/280
  • Kuka KR500
  • Epson T3
  • Epson G3
  • Adept Viper s650
  • Comau Racer 7-14 (Semes Sinumerik One Controls)*
  • Comau NJ-165-3.4 (Siemens Sinumerik One Controls)*
    • *These two robots are controlled by a single common Siemens Sinumerik One controller, so that they can work independently or cooperatively together with each other.

Examples of studies we have done in our robotics laboratory:

  • Developed a servo-controlled sealant meter and dispense end effector with disposable fluid path to virtual eliminate cleaning time
  • Developed a unique wire saw end effector for simultaneous trimming of both legs of aerospace composite stringers
  • Developed force/torque control algorithms for use during aerospace drilling applications
  • Developed a unique global vision mapping and path planning capability to eliminate the need for NC Programs
  • Reduced risk by investigating various processes related top automated fastening
  • Demonstrated sanding of composite surfaces using a Power and Force Limited Robot (Cobot)
  • Developed configurable fixture concepts for holding various types of contoured composite panels for subsequent mapping and processing

Friction Stir Welding R&D Laboratory

Within our friction stir welding (FSW) laboratory, we have a process development system for proof of concept studies. Our FSW machines are built for our customers’ needs and allows them to take full advantage of FSW process benefits. Proof of concept can be a critical step for manufacturers considering FSW technology and processes.

  • Determine feasibility
  • Reduce risk
  • Validate assumptions
  • Inform design and development

Machine Vision R&D Laboratory

We regularly conduct proof-of-concept studies within our machine vision lab to check project-critical requirements before implementation. These studies help eliminate uncertainties related to part variety allowing us to optimize lighting, and de-risk other issues before a machine is built.

Our proof-of-concept studies help reduce risk and uncover technical challenges early, which in turn reduces overall cost and project delays.

We can also leverage our strong, established partnerships with vendors to demo in any hardware not currently in house.

Machine Vision Lab Equipment and Technology

We utilize a wide variety of vision equipment for proof of concept testing and verification (including cameras up to 450Mp) to make sure we deliver a dependable end solution. Other technologies our engineers are familiar with include:

  • Cognex VisionPro and ViDi tools
  • Keyence Lumitrax
  • Tools to develop and test machine learning algorithms
  • A Leica Digital Scope for work verification

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