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Advanced Manufacturing

PAR Systems has patented approaches to producing critical components with exacting tolerances in challenging and uncertain manufacturing environments.

If you produce high value products that require tight tolerances yet exhibit significant uncertainty of location and size of contour, PAR’s advanced manufacturing can provide an optimal solution.

Why advanced manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing is perfect for cases where the amount of uncertainty in the system/process is larger than the tolerance required.  The uncertainty can stem from contour, size, location deviation of the part or how the part is presented/held for processing.  Whatever the case, PAR advanced manufacturing can help.

Examples of Advanced Manufacturing:

  • Robotic / Configurable Fixturing to hold the work
  • Active scan or measurement of the work to determine the actual as-built and as-presented condition
  • Scanning of Global and Local part features to use as fiducials to calculate global and local working frames to adjust tool paths
  • Active seam tracking or force sensing
  • Integrated Process heads that combine multiple processes in one head to ensure high fidelity positioning between the multiple process tools
  • Minimizing part handling by reducing the amount of fixturing and combining multiple processes into integrated work cells

Precisely automating processes can help you meet exacting tolerances.

Cutting & trimming.

Customized to improve quality & productivity.

PAR’s automated cutting and trimming systems provide customized, high-tech solutions to maximize your productivity, whether cutting composite parts, metallic components, or other materials. Our expertise with advanced waterjet cutting, spindle trimming, and ultrasonic cutting paired with our design expertise in system engineering, deliver a fully automated system that provides significant quality and productivity advantages.

Robotic & configurable fixtures.

Proven techniques for tackling manufacturing challenges.

Configurable fixtures can eliminate dedicated tooling and the associated design, production, maintenance storage, and handling costs. Our solutions result in impactful ROI and gains in efficiency and productivity.

Friction Stir Welding

A superior welding solution.

PAR’s friction stir welding machines, in combination with our advanced control system allows customers to take full advantage of all the benefits of this joining process while allowing the ability to deploy technology in a manner for large, complex applications.


PAR has highly-instrumented, high-fidelity solutions and a flexible control system tailored for process control and monitoring in a variety of motion systems. The combination makes PAR’s I-STIR™ technology the most advanced friction stir welding solution on the market.

The PAR Advantage

Production efficiency

PAR’s advanced manufacturing improves production efficiency and can offer cost savings resulting from shortened cycle times. Challenging tolerances can be achieved despite part and process uncertainty.