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PAR Systems’ dip coaters apply hydrophilic coatings onto catheters, guidewires and other medical devices with performance unmatched in the industry. Our durability and lubricity test systems provide reliable measurement of the coatings.

Our systems are designed for the latest low particulate, low-friction lubricious coatings. They offer multi-coat and multi-solution capabilities often used for medical devices such as catheters, guidewires, and other urological, surgical intravenous, and endoscopic devices.

Your premier partner for medical coating solutions.

  • We have over 100 coating machines installed globally across North America, South America, Europe and Asia.
  • Our machines support R&D, production, as well as quality departments.
  • We have a strong partnership with Surmodics, a market leader in medical coating chemistry to provide a complete solution including chemistry and equipment.
  • Coating and curing capabilities
  • Available integration with material handling
  • Space-saving collapsible tube technology requiring minimum clean room space

Put cutting-edge technology to work for your operation.

Dip Coaters

Single or dual-batch coating platforms.

Our line of dip coaters applies hydrophilic coatings onto catheters, guidewires and other medical devices, with performance, features and size unmatched in the industry. We offer two dip coating platforms: automated and semi-automated.

Spray Coaters

Precision Ultrasonic Spraying Platform.

We can integrate complete ultrasonic spraying platforms that are designed to easily work with your existing equipment. Our systems provide full control of the ultrasonic nozzle, spray shaping, control enclosure, and choice of liquid delivery systems. Reductions in spray material of up to 75% are seen when changing from conventional air spray to an efficient ultrasonic spraying platform.

Lubricity Testing

Unmatched medical device testing equipment.

Accompanying our line of dip coaters is the DL1000 Durability & Lubricity Test System. The DL1000 provides accurate, reliable measurement of the durability and lubricity of hydrophilic coatings on catheters and guidewires.