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Field Service

PAR Systems’ experience across processing, handling, assembly, and testing makes us experts in keeping your equipment up and running. We can help with spare parts needs, equipment upgrades or replacements, install and training services, a performance assessment, and more. All with the goal of keeping your operations up and running.

How our service team can help you

Our service team can service your equipment ranging from tabletop testing setups to large assembly lines and palletizing systems to 100T cranes and hot-cell manipulators.

We have service technicians and engineers ready to support you 24/7. Schedule routine preventative maintenance with our team to increase uptime and prevent machine outages. We can also help you get your equipment installed, and train your operators and we can even supply spare parts and perform equipment inspections to keep you up and running.

We can help you troubleshoot.

After your operation and maintenance personnel have had time working and becoming familiar with your equipment, an onsite PAR technician is a valuable resource in collaboratively working through any rising challenges or operational improvements.


For situations requiring immediate assistance, PAR technicians utilize software allowing screen-sharing, HMI direction, video chatting, and desktop or video annotation to troubleshoot effectively while remote.

Customer Support 24/7.

Technical Information

Preventative Maintenance and Calibration Planning.

Our technicians can perform preventative maintenance for you or work alongside your maintenance personnel to help develop specific preventative maintenance checks that focus on your specific production circumstances.

Systems Training.

PAR technicians provide both classroom and practical hands-on application training on your purchased system.Training can occur at the time of install and later as new operators join the team; trainings can be tailored to meet the needs of system operators and maintenance personnel.

Operation Optimization.

We can assist with continued efforts to make equipment run more efficiently with your processes. Adjustments to settings and operating procedures should be evaluated periodically after equipment has been in production for a length of time. Our team can help with teach points and adjust robot end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) to accommodate new cases.