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Ultrasonic Cutting & Sculpting

PAR Systems’ ultrasonic cutting and sculpting systems provide fully automated solutions for all of your needs.

When you need dust-free precise cutting of core materials, preforms or composites, PAR’s solutions provide the high precision and high productivity you require. These systems feature fully coordinated 6 axes of motion to cut and sculpt contoured surfaces.

Precision should never take a back seat to efficiency

Cutting of core materials is often a difficult and extremely dusty operation that leaves ragged edges and torn cells. To achieve the precision and cut quality demanded by aerospace applications, without the dust, PAR uses ultrasonic cutting technology.

Put cutting-edge technology to work for your operation.

Ultrasonic Cutting & Sculpting

Single-station cutting solution.

PAR’s ultrasonic cutting systems use both traditional straight knives and rotating discs that expands and contracts at ultrasonic rates to cleanly trim aerospace honeycomb core materials. Whether phenolic, Kevlar, or aluminum core, these machines provide the optimal solution, without dust. To enhance productivity, the machines can also cut prepreg, enabling all of your cutting operations to be in a single station.

Ultrasonic Cutting & Sculpting

Precision Motion.

PAR’s Precision Motion Platform provides the base motion system for the integrated ultrasonic cutting process. The linear motors provide the high speed and high acceleration that this process demands. And if required, a spindle head can be automatically exchanged for the ultrasonic head to provide drilling and secondary milling processes.

Ultrasonic Cutting & Sculpting

Higher quality & safety.

Ultrasonic cutting virtually eliminates friction in the cutting process, allowing for low-force cutting and higher-quality cuts while producing no dust. Ultrasonic cutting and sculpting can be used on a variety of materials such as composites, preforms, aluminum, and core materials.