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Lab Automation

Automation equipment that efficiently performs time-consuming operations in high-volume testing laboratories.

Our lab automation equipment solutions are designed to eliminate the expense of requiring highly-trained technicians to perform repetitive operations. It increases reliability by eliminating the possibility of human error.

Efficiencies for production impact.

PAR Systems designs and manufactures lab automation systems to efficiently perform time consuming operations in high-volume testing laboratories.

Increase reliability & reduce risk.

Tube/Vial Labeling

Automated labeling platforms.

PAR’s automated labeling platforms offer a combination of higher capacity and pre- and post-inspection capabilities for label verification. Our automation expertise enables flexibility around your preferred approaches to incoming and outgoing components.



Cap off your automation.

Capping and uncapping processes can be automated with a dedicated station or as a part of a more significant system. Applications include clinical lab-based processes (blood, urine, reagents, tissue, etc.) in the life science industry. With inputs and outputs in either racks or bulk, these systems are typically combined with other processes such as labeling, sorting, weighing, inspection, filling, and more.

Filling, Weighing & Dispensing

Reasons why we’re your partner.

We have the expertise your lab operation needs:

  • Experience with automating filling, weighing and packaging
  • Can handle corrosive materials
  • Have cleanroom capabilities
  • Precise dispensing
  • Provide fill measurement feedback
  • Work with challenging parts and challenging requirements
  • Intelligent handling with computer vision