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Waterjet Trimming

Waterjet cutting and trimming is a perfect solution when materials are susceptible to distortions from other cutting methods such as heat cutting. PAR Systems’ waterjet systems can operate in up to five axes of motion and are designed for a variety of sizes, industries and applications.

PAR’s waterjet cutting systems are true five-axis machines that provide the precision and dexterity needed to produce highly contoured parts of great complexity. Waterjet cutting is a universal tool suitable for cutting many types of materials.

Customized & Configurable.

Our waterjet solutions can be configured for cutting underwater to minimize noise and improve cleanliness. Or they can be fitted with catchers to allow perimeter cutting of parts on integrated configurable fixtures, reducing tooling costs. PAR also provides fully integrated systems that include part geometry verification and automated part and tool loading systems. Water pressure, cutting speed, desired finish, nozzle size, orifice size, garnet and horsepower can be adjusted to optimize your application. Our waterjet trimming systems are available both in standard sizes and custom-built sizes including large footprints for unique applications such as commercial aircraft materials.

Put cutting-edge technology to work for your operation.

Cutting & Trimming

Not your ordinary waterjet.

PAR’s adaptive waterjet cutting head delivers high-pressure plumbing up to 60,000 psi and provides high-precision cutting that is often the primary process for trimming parts.

Cutting & Trimming

Standard features of our waterjet trimming systems.

PAR’s waterjet trimming systems are designed and built to each client’s specific needs and applications and are available in variable sizes and configurations. Many are custom designed and built for unique applications. All of our waterjet systems are built with a high-pressure intensifier pumps for extreme reliability, utilizes specialty nesting and CAM software to give you the drafting, estimating, programming, reporting, support and maintenance you expect.

Cutting & Trimming

Optional add-ons.

There are a variety of optional equipment upgrades that can enhance the functionality of our waterjet trimming systems. Some of these optional add-ons are: a water reservoir, a chiller for closed-loop cooling, a self-cleaning tank, an overflow drain filtration, filtration systems for closed loop cutting, and 4-sided enclosures with safety and sound abatement features.