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Advanced Manufacturing

Precision Drilling & Defastening

Precision drilling is a critical requirement for aerospace operations. Whether drilling DA holes or precision fastener holes, in composite skins or multiple material assemblies, PAR Systems provides optimal drilling solutions.

From wing spars to fuselage barrels, to flight control surfaces, PAR can provide the solution to ensure you meet your program needs.

Advantages of Precision Drilling

Precision drilling benefits including:

  • Customizable system configuration for very long work envelopes
  • Exchangeable heads for a wide range of drilling sizes, from large hole drilling to small hole drilling
  • Automated tool changer, tool verification, and coupon drilling
  • Automated part feature detection and tool path adjustment to align holes with part features
  • Multiple work stations to allow manual operations adjacent to automated machine operations

Automated fastening benefits include:

  • Elimination of skin damage from disengagement during fastener removal.
  • Elimination of operator fatigue and repetitive use injuries.
  • Creation of a database record including the fastener’s actual location, size, and type for each article.
  • Drilling of replacement skin to precisely match the existing structure.


Advantages of Defastening

PAR has developed and delivered defastening systems that automatically locate and remove fasteners for wing assembly and maintenance.


Our defastening systems automatically locate and remove fasteners. This same automated defastening system can then produce fastener holes in the replacement skin that corresponds with the existing substructure.

Technical Information


  • High-quality holes in multiple material stack-ups
  • Adjusting drill parameters based on material
  • Precision counter-sinking
  • Optional hole inspection

Why automate drilling & defastening?

Precision drilling and defastening is a critical requirement for many assembly operations, especially in aerospace applications.


Whether drilling determinant assembly holes or precision fastener holes in composite skins or multiple material assemblies, PAR provides precision drilling expertise.


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Jim C.
Chief Engineer, PAR Systems
We focus on automation so our customers can focus on the aircraft.
Jim C.
Chief Engineer, PAR Systems