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Laser Processing

Among PAR Systems’ process automation offerings, laser integration is one of our core competencies. Our laser automation capabilities include cutting, drilling, welding, ablation, marking and milling.

Let us put our knowledge and capabilities to work for you. We work with laser manufacturers to ensure the right laser is selected for your application and can help facilitate early-stage process development.

Take your laser processes to the next-level.

Do you have a laser process defined, but require integrated motion, vision and software? Have you developed your own laser process with a small or off-the-shelf laser and need to take it to the next level of automation? Or are you starting from scratch and looking to develop a new laser application that includes automation? We’re here to help.

Put cutting-edge technology to work for your operation.

Laser Processing

Flexible & configurable laser platforms.

PAR’s Laser Platforms are designed to provide a flexible platform for a variety of your laser processing needs. Our laser processing machine is easily configurable to accommodate specific applications with customizable product fixturing along with simple and user-friendly programming. PAR manufactures our platform with the flexibility required for R&D applications along with the reliability demanded in production settings.

LP50 & LP500 Laser Platforms

Automate laser processes with confidence.

The LP50 and LP500 Laser Platforms is designed to provide a flexible CDRH Class 1 laser platform for many laser processing needs. It is easily configurable to accommodate specific applications with customizable product fixturing. The simple drag-and drop programming interface provides a no-code development platform that allows users to quickly and confidently develop infinite recipes. Our laser platforms are manufactured with proven industrial-grade components to deliver a robust and reliable solution.

Laser Welding

Improve quality & yield.

PAR Systems has experience developing a wide range of systems capable of performing laser welding operations. Often, welding processes can be very difficult, dangerous and require highly skilled individuals to perform manual tasks. Automating your welding applications can improve quality and yield. Example applications that have utilized laser welding are medical disc welding, dental brace welding and micro coils for neurovascular brain aneurysm treatments.

Laser Surface Treatment

Fast & high accuracy.

PAR Systems has experience integrating a variety of laser systems for surface treatment applications. Lasers can be very helpful in ablation applications where non-contact processing is required. Additionally, laser ablation can often be more accurate and faster than traditional methods. Often these projects began as small proof-of-concept studies that were tested before ramping up into fully automated work cells. This approach can help identify the correct technology for your process needs and can translate to better project execution. We have experience with these applications:

  • Cleaning particulate, coatings, finishes off metal surfaces for aerospace industries
  • Removing insulation from wires down to 0.003” in diameter
  • Thin silicon wafer debonding