Elevators and Lifts

  • Aircraft Elevators (Deck-Edge & In-Deck)

    PaR Marine has provided virtually all of the aircraft elevators for the US Navy, including the CVN 71-79, LHA 1-6, LHD 1-8, and LPH 9-12. PaR also provided the aircraft elevators for France's Charles de Gaulle and Spain's Principe de Austrias aircraft carriers.


    Over 150 weapons handling and stowage systems for 11 Navies and 13 different ship classes. Hoist weights range from 2177kg (4,800 lbs) to 19504kg (43,000 lbs) including platform. PaR Marine was the first to incorporate a shock qualified PLC elevator control system on a Navy Standard Elevator design.


    Options Include:

    • Variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) drive
    • A variety of car and hoistway doors available
    • Speeds up to 120 FPM
    • Overspeed safety with auto-reset 

    • Custom-sized cars “right-sized” to maximize hoistway envelope 

    • We handle “special requests”

    PaR Marine passenger elevators are installed and maintained on  a variety of ships and rigs:

    • Noble Corp Offshore Rigs (3000# Rack & Pinion)
    • Transocean Ltd Offshore Rigs (900# Rack & Pinion) 

    • ConocoPhillips Polar Tankers 
- Adventure, Discovery, Endeavor, Enterprise and Resolution
    • USNS Comfort and USNS Mercy

    Specifications for passenger elevators:

    • Available with rack and pinion or traction drive
    • Car capacity up to 3628kg (8000 lbs)
    • Available with electric or hydraulic power
    • Compliant with ASME A17.1 (2004 safety code for elevators)

    Products List:

    • Ammunition
    • Close In Weapons System
    • Dumbwaiter
    • In Deck Aircraft
    • Medevac
    • Pallet
    • Side Deck Aircraft
    • Stores
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