Gantry and Bridge Cranes

PaR Systems is the premier provider of gantry and bridge cranes for specialized applications. Our cranes have been installed at both "duty-cycle" (mills, plants, ship unloaders, and refineries) and "technical" (nuclear, aerospace, military, etc.) facilities throughout the United States and the world.

Gantry Cranes

PaR Systems' overhead gantry cranes are a variant of the bridge crane design, with legs. However, gantry cranes have their own characteristics and a similarly wide range of applications, principally outdoors. PaR has delivered gantry cranes with capacity as high as 700 tons, and spans ranging up to 97.55m (320 ft).


Single Girder Container Gantry Crane

  • 45 Ton capacity barge - unloading container yarding crane
  • Handles 13.72m (45ft) containers without need to rotate box
  • 350 FPM gantry and trolley motions
  • 250 HP hoist

Rock Island-Project Summary

250-Ton Turbine Gantry Crane Rock Island Dam - Columbia River, Washington USA.

300/30 ASRM Gantry Crane

Bridge Cranes

PaR Systems is an experienced provider of bridge cranes and equipment for a range of applications and requirements, including:

  • Long Span
  • High Lift
  • High Speeds
  • Extra Safety
  • Special Operator or Automation Controls

PaR's installed bridge cranes range in size from 1/2 ton to 500 ton capacity, with spans from several meters to 53.95m (177ft), and hoist lift up to 141.73m (465ft).

Carter's Dam

200-Ton Turbine Crane Upgrade Carters Dam - Coosawattee River, Georgia USA.


PaR Systems is the primary supplier of custom cranes to NASA and Air Force facilities. Two 325 ton single failure proof cranes are installed in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at Kennedy Space Center.

Waste Handling Cranes

Radioactive Barrel handling crane system with automatic control system in Taiwan.

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