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EXPERTOPERATOR™ - Anti-Sway Crane Controls

  • Sway Reduction with EXPERTOPERATOR™

    PaR Systems' EXPERTOPERATOR™ allows for the manipulation of payloads in a swing-free manner. EXPERTOPERATOR™ permits both novice and expert crane operators to reduce payload swing by 85-95%.

    Expert crane operators skillfully time crane maneuvers in order to quickly eliminate load swing. EXPERTOPERATOR™ is a hardware module that intercepts pendant commands - converts them into expert commands - and then issues the modified commands to motor drives. Cable sway is eliminated, permitting all operators to perform like experts.

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  • Increase Productivity Hundreds of operator studies demonstrate that cycle time improves by 10% to 40%.
  • COMPATIBLE with existing VFDs, radio and tethered pendents with continuous or multi-step functionality.
  • Seamless Transition integration into existing hardware plat- form. 1-Day installation time, typical.
  • SIMPLE Accurate load placement is simple because operators focus on positioning rather than swing correction.
  • Maintenance Reduction Expert Operator is the only anti-sway technology that does not require sensors of any kind, even with complicated rigging configurations - no encoders, zone sensors, or other hoist length measurement.
  • Increased Safety Load sway prevention reduces risk of equipment damage and personal injury.
  • Minimal Training Novice operators perform as well as experienced counter parts, reducing the need for extensive training.


  • Sway Elimination over entire hoist range with complicated rigging configurations.
  • Sensor less technology does not require encoders, zone sensors, or other length measurement devices and no operator input.
  • Seamless integration into existing hardware platform.
  • Simple - No operator input.
  • Compatible with existing VFDs, radio and tethered pendants with continuous or multi-step functionality.

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