Drilling and Defastening


PaR has developed and delivered defastening systems that automatically locate and remove fasteners for wing assembly and maintenance. 


  • Elimination of skin damage from disengagement during fastener removal
  • Elimination of operator fatigue and repetitive use injuries
  • Creates archival map of skin locations and condition
  • Drilling of replacement skin to precisely match existing structure


  • Vision tool to accurately map location of fasteners
  • Spindle to remove fasteners that cannot be removed through conventional methods
  • Creation of a database record including fastener actual location, size, and type for each article
  • Automatically unscrews removable fasteners
  • Automatically drills the head of permanent or damaged fasteners


Our systems are proven dependable in real production operations, but should you need help, our certified service personnel are available 24-hours a day, every day of the year. Need assistance? Please contact us for support.

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