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Advanced Manufacturing

Vision Inspection

PAR Systems’ extensive experience using a variety of cameras, lighting, and lenses for 2D and 3D vision—to inspect part dimensions and part quality—makes it the right fit for any job.

Composite materials to metallic parts, PAR's solutions provide the precision you demand at maximum productivity levels. From small components, as small as medical catheters, to large components, as large as wing covers, PAR can provide a system to ensure you can support your program.

Advantages of Vision Inspection

Automated part vision inspection is the utilization of machine vision software to measure features on parts, determine if critical features on parts are present or not, orient parts to a certain feature, or guide motion to pick parts based on a certain dimension, location, or feature, among many other processes.

Vision inspection has a number of benefits including:

  • Results from the automated inspection are more consistent and repeatable
  • Mitigates need for significant operator training as the machine has learned the process
  • Can be integrated into equipment performing other processes to minimize space dedicated only to inspection
  • Tolerances as tight as 0.0002” (5um) can be imaged repeatably


Technical Information

Machine Vision Applications

  • Diameter/gaging
  • Length or height
  • Location of feature (position, concentricity)
  • Surface defect (scratch, stain, debris/flash)
  • Holes or cracks
  • Feature counting
  • Part position


  • Regularly integrated with precise motion control systems and custom fixturing to maximize machine functionality
  • Use of configurable lighting to allow one system to be the inspection solution for multiple parts
  • Scan/Measure part to determine as-built condition
  • Tool paths can be automatically adjusted to match actual part contours and address part uncertainty
  • Capable of detecting and measuring part defects
  • Integrated configurable and robotic fixtures or rigid dedicate tools
  • Automatic tool loading and unloading
  • Automatic calibration

Applications of Vision Inspection

PAR developed custom vision tools to verify that printed vial labels meet quality criteria including factors such as edge definition, sizing and spacing requirements and barcode scoring. We’ve also utilized opposing cameras to perform various inspection measurements throughout the length of a product. These types of systems detect certain features on a product and confirm that they are present and dimensionally correct.


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Chris N.
Engineering Manager, PAR Systems

I am proud to lead a team of talented and hard-working engineers that stand behind their commitments. They are passionate about solving tough challenges and don’t back down until our customers are happy.

Chris N.
Engineering Manager, PAR Systems

Vision inspection is just one of our capabilities