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Cranes & Nuclear Equipment

Creating, building & maintaining cranes

PAR Systems has been building specialty cranes for critical and complex applications since the 1960s. We are experts in designing and building cranes for lifting and moving heavy loads and integrating cranes for nuclear handling systems.

PAR services, upgrades and supports all Ederer, Star and Washington cranes. We also specialize in building new cranes for unique applications.

Not your average crane.

Our cranes are being used on some of the world’s largest and most critical material handling applications. PAR Systems can create a first-of-a-kind solution when a standard “off the shelf” crane doesn’t meet your requirements.


We can incorporate a variety of technology into your crane system including in-cell remote operation, redundant drives, single failure proof design, remote recovery, automated controls, Ethernet networked controls, exchangeable trolleys, and special grapples. PAR cranes can be designed and built to meet CMAA, ASME NOG-1, ASME NUM-1, and other key industry requirements.

PAR Systems is your resource for all things crane-related.

Anti-Sway Crane Control ExpertOperator


PAR Systems’ EXPERTOPERATORâ„¢ crane controls allow for the manipulation of payloads in a swing-free manner. EXPERTOPERATORâ„¢ enables both novice and expert crane operators to reduce payload swing by 85-95%. It’s so reliable and versatile that it works on every type of load, every time.

Crane Uprate & Upgrade Services

Our crane upgrades help you work smarter, not harder.

Our legacy stems back 100+ years. We can offer support for just about any crane, even if we didn’t build it. PAR maintains engineering records for our legacy equipment, so you can always count on us for replacement parts and service throughout your crane’s lifetime. We also specialize in crane uprates and upgrading crane controls. Upgrades are available for any type of crane drive.

High Integrity & Specialized Cranes

Moving and lifting for unique applications.

PAR Systems specializes in designing and building high-performance and high capacity cranes for unique applications and environments. When a normal crane doesn’t fit your needs, PAR Systems is your partner to engineer a crane solution for you. We draw from a wide range of prior experience with unusual constructions to provide a practical alternative.

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